• Anne Kerry Ford, Actress & Writer

    “Dr. Wu concerns himself with complete wellness. He treats the entire person… physically, psychologically and emotionally. He facilitates the proper flow of Qi, enabling one to fulfill their whole human potential.” - Anne Kerry Ford, Actress & Writer

  • Uddhava Om, D.O., Physician & Healer

    “In my experience, Dr Wu exemplifies the ancient Daoist wisdom of China. He personally assisted me in attaining a deeper experience of spirit and greater physical vitality.”

  • George Gerdes, Actor

    “I had a chronic cough for several years before discovering Dr. Wu. The constant antibiotics from my Western doctor were not helping. With a combination of Qi Gong, herbs and acupuncture, Dr. Wu cured me very quickly. I strongly recommend Dr. Wu to anyone with or without a health problem because of the incredible power of Qi Gong.”

  • Name withheld by request, Computer Programmer

    “I came to Dr. Wu because I had been diagnosed with cancer and diabetes. By strengthening my immune system, Dr. Wu enabled me to fight the cancer cells, which now appear to be in remission. With continued treatment, Dr. Wu brought my blood sugar down from a dangerous level to an acceptable level without the use of insulin. If not for Dr. Wu’s Qi Gong treatments, I might not be alive today.”

  • Claire

    "Hello Dr. Wu (and Lily and Michael), You said that Alex would be changing and she certainly is! Her grades for the past two years have been very poor. She has begun this school year with new enthusiasm and is right now getting straight A's! Her body and body fluids smell almost normal; she is much more cheerful and confident. She seems to take better care of herself and is not resisting taking her herbs. And, for the first time in five years, she has decided she wants to play soccer. She has begun playing with a community team just to get fit and for enjoyment. I know these changes are thanks to you. I am very grateful to be getting my cheerful daughter back!"

  • CK

    You will be happy to know that little Vavara Barbieri recently had another MRI of the brain. I am told that the little piece of tumor the surgeons could not remove is not growing at this time.

    On October 5th, 2005 I found myself at UCLA emergency room violently ill. After a week of tests and ultra sounds an 8.4 cm bleeding cyst was found on my right ovary. I had no idea how big it was until someone explained it was the size of a tennis ball. I was told there was danger of it rupturing so I was to avoid all types of activity and watch it carefully in the hope it might shrink.

    I had been going to Dr. Wu for the last several months for some other issues and I immediately went to see him about my cyst. He told me we could shrink it but it would take time. I decided to take two roads, one to try to actively shrink it with acupuncture while continuing to work with my western doctors. A few weeks went by and the cyst was getting only slightly smaller and I seemed to have developed a night fever. I sought out a western specialist. After examining me, he said we would need to remove the ovary and possibly other female organs. When I protested he replied I shouldn’t be concerned since I had “another one” and he had a “closet” of hormones. He then instructed me to make an appointment with his staff. I left his office in a state of shock. In addition, my research on the internet also seemed to point to removal of the ovary.

    The pressure to remove the ovary was pervasive. I was under enforced rest so the cyst wouldn’t rupture and the treatments often left me exhausted. The months went slowly by with no guarantee that the cyst would shrink However, Dr. Wu was steadfast in his determination to save my ovary. He explained that western medicine cannot duplicate our own natural hormones. That unfortunately western medicine is geared to cutting and removing. He practically begged me to please give it time and let the teas and herbs have a chance. So I continued the treatments. Several times a week acupuncture, (the cigar) and jugs and jugs of not very tasty herbal tonics became my life. I also used castor oil packs and lots of rest. During this time I kept monitoring the cyst and had also found a western doctor who was willing to work with me and Dr. Wu in shrinking the cyst. Slowly as the months passed the cyst began to get smaller. Finally, nine and a half months later the ultra sound showed it was gone.

    I can unequivocally say that Dr. Wu’s insistence, support and explanations made all the difference in my decision to fight with everything I had to save my ovary. We never took risks and was constantly monitoring and making sure that the cyst was not putting me in a dangerous situation. It took close to a year and became the focus of my life, but I do not regret my course of action. I also know I could not have done it without Dr. Wu’s wisdom, strength and determination and his wonderful staff, Lily and Michael."

  • Sheri

    "Thank you so much. I can tell that this book is powerful and I am feeling very called to practice. I have been reading qigong books for years now, different ones that I buy and this is the one that calls me the strongest. Perhaps it is as they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I would love to get copies of the VHS tapes. I think this would help me. I understand that Dr. Wu would change things slightly depending on the animal zodiac. This resonates with me. I believe in doing things in season and with the strongest energy. I'm so excited. Please let me know."

Note: For every "Dr. Wu" appearance on this website and elsewhere, it refers to "Dr. Wu, OMD., L.Ac".